Our Services

We offer optimized full turnkey network rollout and maintenance solutions, and maintain high standards by a process of continuous improvement, utilizing to maximum effect lesson s learned serving a diverse range of clients and implementin g a range of equipment types in multiple environments.

Telecommunication Equipment Installation

Antennas, RRU, BBU, MW, Survey, CME

Integration and Acceptance Test

Tower, Pole, Rooftop, IBC and IBS installations

WiFi, Hotspots, Access Control and CCTV

RF Drive Testing, Analysis and Optimization

• RF Drive Test using Nemo Outdoor, Tems, Genex Probe & X-CAL tools for
GSM/UMTS/LTE/WiMAX technologies

• 4T4R & MIMO testing

• Analysis of DT logs using tools like Nemo Analyze, Genex Assistant, TEMS & X-CAB

• Failed event analysis and report preparation to improve coverage & quality

• OSS KPI monitoring

• Optimization Reports and Proposals to improve network performance

• Presentation and discussion with operator regarding SSV/Cluster 

Fibre Optic Cable Installation


• All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS)
• Optical Fiber Grounding Wire (OPGW)
• Steel Beam Clamp with Hot-Dip Galvanized fin
• Fibre Optic cable laying, pulling, splicing, termination, testing & commissioning

Project Management and Manpower


• Providing our in-house experts in field to manage, monitor and consult clients on their projects
• Renting DTEs, DTAs and OSS engineer to meet client manpower requirement
• Providing HR and payroll services for clients
• Training client teams using our field experts to ensure project quality and demands

Our Services Ensure Quality...

Marvel Tech Solutions’ strategy is to ensure that high quality, cost- competitive services are provided from the best possible mix of onshore and offshore locations. This enables our c lients to respond quickly to changing market dynamics.


If you are in need of any of the aforementioned solutions related to RF & Telecommunication services…